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General information about change of ownership insurance in Denmark

When properties are set for sale in Denmark, a building expert will check them and the condition they are in, according to official regulations and the state of the buildings.

In Denmark the government has made, a description of the normal types of houses, including the materials that was normal to use in the time-period, that the house where built in.  Such houses have some time period typical flaws.

These flaws are not included in the “change of ownership insurance”. In many cases, the flaws is moister and damp inside walls and floors. Things that can be costly the get rid of, and can be unhealthy to live in. In worst-case scenario, it courses asthma. The building expert will make a report, and the insurance company bases the insurance, and conditions on the report. That is why it is so important to understand the content of the report.

Who we are

DinForsikringsekspert is run by Søren Ahlgren Mortensen. Søren has a long background in the world of insurance. He has been a teacher at several of the largest insurance companies in Denmark, teaching them how the general rules and laws work in Denmark.

Søren is a well known character in the Danish press. He is often used as insurance expert in complicated matters, do to his wide knowledge.

Furthermore, do to his wide knowledge, Søren also take on complicated insurance claims, by homeowners against the insurance companies. As late as January 2016, he won a case, where the insurance company had set the compensation for 9.000 DKK. Søren settled the case and secured the homeowner with 1.245.000 DKK.

Why is it so important?

When you are buying a house in Denmark, the previous owner, via the real estate agent, has to offer the opportunity to get a “change of ownership insurance” (in Danish “ejerskifteforsikring”). By law, the seller has to pay for half of the insurance policy. Because the seller has to pay half of the policy, they are only interested in getting the cheapest type of insurance – and that is rarely the best insurance.

When choosing your change of ownership insurance, you have to decide if the insurance should cover for 5 years or 10 years. Subsequent you cannot chance anything in it. Not the time-period, coverage or insurance company.

What we do for our customers

We compare the insurance company’s conditions to the building experts report, making sure, to get the insurance company, with the best coverage for that specific house. After finding the best-suited insurance company, we negotiate the price for the policy.

Claims assistance

When you are hirering us, to find the correct “change of ownership insurance”, we also support you, with claims assistance free of charge.

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Søren Ahlgren Mortensen is the leading specialist i complicated insurances.

DinForsikringsekspert.dk is a part of

kompletkoeberraadgivning ia a group of independent companies that specialize in helping house-buyers get the house of their dreams.

If you have any questions

just call us at +45 7044 4243

or send us an E-mail.

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